Singapore LONGEST & BIGGEST Weight Loss Challenge

A proven program to help those who are serious in getting back in shape, with a healthier & smarter approach.

Since May 2009, this program have helped more than 2,000 weight loss contest participants lose over 3,000kg, and the number is increasing. Get ready to learn what are the necessary steps to achieve the optimum fitness level that you have dream of for years.

On top of the healthy beverages and Soy‐Protein Meal Replacement, a personal wellness coach will also be assigned to educates, support and motivates you.

Numerous Success Stories

This program has been helping thousands of Singaporean to achieve healthier lifestyles and becoming a happier individuals.

Personal Wellness Coach

A personal coach will be assigned to you, helping you to track your fitness level and give you advice on achieving the best results.

Get Rewarded

Stand a chance to win attractive prizes! The Top 5 best Contestants are rewarded with cash, starting from $1000 each round!

Let’s take a look at our successful transformers!


Singapore Fitness Club

We believe in the tangible and lasting changes to the mind, body and spirit with the incorporation of a fitness regime and aim to enhance the lifestyle of our clients through innovative and exclusive wellness programmes.

Learn How to Lose Weight

Are you one of those that faces the below situation regularly?


Endless Procrastination

Do you make the same new year resolution year after year that you’re going to get into shape, but not achieving it every year?


Getting fit is Impossible

Does losing weight sounds like something unreachable and is a goal that is impossible to you?


Limited Outfit Selection

Have you walk away from that pretty clothes just because you can’t fit in?Or are you too embarrassed of your body to even show yourself at the pool because you are fat?


Ineffective Workout

Have you ever exercised, but it’s just making little and not obvious difference? Also the loneliness to train alone makes the journey even boring?


Uncontrollable Diet

Do you feel like you have little control over your diet and keep stuffing yourself with junk food even though you know that by the end of the day you will be get a few ounces heavier?


Unattractive Appearance

Do you ever feel that people around you would treat you with more respect if you were thinner and healthier, which lead your life to be more successful?

Look Good, Feel Good

Is time for you to shape up and look good! The one program that you have been looking for to achieve the fitness goal. We have integrated the fitness lifestyle into this program and making sure that the results are attainable!

Delighted Participants


Fit Club Location

Singapore Fit Club

We are a team of passionate fitness trainer who aims to improve the lives of fellow Singaporeans, inspire them to lead a healthy & active lifestyle.  Achieving your desired ideal body can only be earned through hardwork! We know that working out by yourself can be extremely dull, this is why Singapore fit club aims to make a fitness program fun while at the same time affordable and accessible to everyone.


Make New Friends

It’s not just about training hard. In Singapore Fit Club, we encourage community bonding. The social ties between the trainers and participants will push you further physically and mentally than you thought you could go.

Optimal Fitness

Whether you want to achieve your fitness goal by losing weight, building muscle, get tone, get healthy or all of the above- this is the place to help you.

Total Goodness

Enjoy the nutritional protein shakes after every Singapore Fit Club sessions. We know how important it is to re-hydrate, re-energise and re-fuel our bodies with good nutrition after each workout to achieve effective results.

Seeing is Believing.

Don’t just take it from us, see what our participants have achieved!

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